Chadar Trek – The Frozen River Trail

There are many trekking destinations in India. However, the Chadar Trek offers an unmatched thrill to all adventure lovers. The trek is a winter trail through the frozen Zanskar River. It lies in Ladakh and remains the sole travel option during peak winters. Around 105 km long, the trek is quite popular among international tourists as well.

About The Journey

Chadar Trek 1

The temperature during winters (January and February) hovers in the range of -30 to -35 degrees, making it an ideal time to trek. The journey starts from Leh, which offers picturesque views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. The ice remains stable in January and February. Zanskar River begins to freeze at Chilling, a small town from where the trek starts.

It’s All Icy

As much of a thrill as the ice offers, it can also be dangerous at times. It is advisable to find out a safe path through the precarious sheets of ice. You can set your tents at points where the ice remains the most stable or camp at the caves along the river banks. During the evening hours, the temperature drops below -20 degrees. It thus becomes essential to keep yourself as much warmth as possible to prevent blood from freezing.

Awareness Is Important

Chadar Trek Frozen River

Since you would be trekking in freezing temperatures, it is critical to be aware of the ice conditions. It will give you a safe trekking experience without any mishaps. For example, there could be cracks in the ice that you must avoid. Cracks could also appear out of nowhere, or there could be slippery ice that you need to be careful about. Spots with snow coating would be the best to walk normally.

Final words

So this was all about the Chadar Trek and some safety tips to get the best trekking experience. I hope you find these tips useful. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep these tips handy with you. I am also on IG, FB, Twitter, YT. Subscribe to my blog and social media handles to receive regular updates delivered right on your mobile.

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