Sandhan Valley Trek- Valley of Shadow

Sandhan Valley

A stunning canyon in the picturesque Sahyadri ranges, Sandhan Valley can give you wanderlust like no other. It is also known as the Valley of Shadows because the sun rays do not touch the ravines. An ideal adventure trek, it lies near Bhandardara, which is about 185 km away from Mumbai.

All About The Trek

Sandhan Valley Trek is a package deal in a real sense, as there is much more that you can do besides trekking. You can also rock climb, rappel, camp under the sky, or enjoy bonfires with your loved ones. There are three forts, Alang, Madan, and Kulang, in which the natural gorge of Sandhan lies. This off-beat trek will give some of the most beautiful photo ops.

Sandhan Valley2

The trek starts from Samrad village, and it lasts around five hours, including crossing a pool of water and rappelling. There is hardly any sunlight and no disturbance that gives you the perfect serene environment away from the busy city life. Passing through deep ponds, enjoying the waterfalls, and hearing the echoes of your footsteps will give you an experience like no other.

Throughout the trek, you will have to cross two to three water ponds to reach the other side of the gorge. The water level changes according to the climate, as it remains up to knee height in summer and waist height in winter. Though the descending trek is about 2.5 km, it might take many hours to finish it. You start from a flat trail till you reach the opening of Sandhan Valley. You then begin the downward trek through the valley.

How does the trek look like

Sandhan Valley waterfall

You will start the trek at Samrad and cross shallow water bodies that can be as high as four feet. Along the journey, you will come across the Tarzan Swing Point. You will also have to rappel, use the rope ladder, and finally crawl through a cave as well. There will be some hiking through rock patches and wading through deep water pools till you reach the camping spot.

You can enjoy the scenic views of the Ajoba Hill and Bann Pinnacle in between. As you descend the pond and cross through slopes, you reach Dehne village. From this point, buses remain available for Asangaon. You can then catch a local train to come back to Mumbai. You can also take the same trail and go back to Samrad and plan your onward journey accordingly. It is also recommended to stay overnight at the gorge to get the best camping experience.

Final words

A trek through Sandhan Valley can be one of the best trekking experiences you ever get. You can do it all in a weekend, and the distance is not much from Mumbai. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep this information handy with you. I am also on IG, FB, Twitter, YT. Subscribe to my blog and social media handles to receive regular updates delivered right on your mobile.

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Sandhan Valley Trek- Valley of Shadow

A stunning canyon in the picturesque Sahyadri...

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